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Carlow Mandala Yoga Studio




I am here to share my love of yoga with you. My teaching centres around inner balance , rejuvanation and relaxation.  All the years of Yoga practice has been an incredible journey to healing , self-knowing and transformation. I started to practice Yoga in 2004 as a way to reduce stress and relax. Yoga helped me to re- build strength and confidence. My life has changed at the moment I started Heartfulness Meditation . Quiet sitted practice helped to live my life peacefully since then I know I am on the right journey to self-knowing and self-discovery.

I studied yoga over 12 years attending different trainings with Judith Lasater , Donna Farhi , Sarah Powers , Julie Gudmestad and Biff Mithoefer. Travelling 6 months through India and spending time in various Yoga Ashrams has deepen my understanding of Yoga and Meditation.  


I opened Carlow Mandala Yoga studio in 2011, teaching different yoga classes,  yoga workshop, organizing local Yoga retreats.  New Yoga teachers joined Carlow Mandala Yoga studio making the place more unique.  After 7 years the studio turned into a vibrant yoga hub, welcoming and inspiring local community which I am honored to be a part of.


Due to my father's illness I had to move back home.  During those difficult times I could not survive without the gentle healing power of yoga. I gained better understanding of suffering and knowledge how to apply yoga to help others dealing with stress and anxiety. My intention is to share this knowlegde and continue my education . I am certified  teacher of Mindfulness in Yoga  , my work is influenced by teachers like  Sarah Powers and Tara Brach.

I offer beautifully crafted workshops, where you can let go and unwind.  My classes  include Restorative Yoga ,Yin Yoga, Mindfulness and Hatha Yoga.







The key of every movement is a good stable base and breath. Instead of trying to idealize yoga asanas we should explore  yoga in a way that suit our own needs. Cultivating  non harming and self - loving approach, following the inner guiding voice  is the essence of  healthy and well grounded Yoga practice . There are many types of yoga. I am sure there is somewhere a type for you.

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Carlow Mandala Yoga  1 Tullow Street Carlow m 085 842 60 30