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Therapeutic Massage


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Therapeutic Massage Therapy is a great way to improve your quality of life. It relieves stress, can be both stimulating or soothing, and helps to create inner balance and harmony.


Therapeutic Massage Therapy is defined as the mobilisation of soft tissue (such as muscle, fascia and body fluids) to restore normal systemic and biomechanical/functional use. It can be used to assist in the treatment of most musculo-skeletal and associated problems, and regular Therapeutic Massage Therapy results in improved circulatory, lymphatic and neurological functioning.


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Aoine is qualified as a sports massage therapists .

As well as treating runners,  cyclists and sportsmen Aoine sees an equal amount of non-sport related injuries. She works with people who are suffering from a broad range of conditions including work-related poor posture and stress related tension. She also enjoys working with older clients who are seeking relief from knee, neck and shoulder pain helping gain a greater range of movement to keep them active and independent. 


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