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Carlow Mandala Yoga Studio



Mindfulness meditation is the practice of cultivating non-judgemental attentiveness to life’s experiences,

connecting us to our natural sense of calm and peace. It encourages a state of moment to moment awareness.

Regular practice of simple exercises supports our capacity to slow down and live more fully in the present moment, while promoting psychological and physical wellbeing. Other benefits include increased ability to relax and manage stress, anxiety and burn out. It is a beneficial practice for people who experience fatigue andchronic pain, as well as for those who wish to awaken more to what life’s gifts. This is the first of a series of short courses dedicated to mindfulness, with a practical focus on integrating the skills into the context of normal daily life, with its joys,

demands and challenges.


It is an experiential programme, inspired by the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, a well-researched psycho-educational programme developed at the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Centre for Mindfulness at the University of

Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, Mass U.S.A., and other teachings. You will be introduced to a set of basic mindfulness skills through simple meditation practices and gentle mindful movement in a group setting. In order to benefit from the practices, it is necessary to give yourself the space to commit to the whole course. There will also be daily home practice. By the end of the course you will be familiar with the main mindfulness meditations and understand how mindfulness works. You will learn a new way of viewing stress and will develop ongoing resilience

to stress and anxiety.


Commences: Thursday, 28th March, 3pm to 5pm, every Thursday for 4 weeks, and

Saturday 13 th April, 11am-5pm.


Facilitator: Luminita Buzescu (BA, FTAI, ICP& EAP, Cert. MBSR-MBCT)

Cost: €170 – covers teaching, practice CDs and printed learning materials.


Everyone is welcome. Previous experience of meditation is not required.

For more information or to book a place please contact Luminita on 0864003096 or



About Luminita






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Luminita Buzescu, the mindfulness instructor for the course, has a background in

education and is an experienced systemic psychotherapist and mindfulness trainer.

She has a long standing interest in meditation practices and holistic living and enjoys

sharing it with others.

Her journey with yoga and meditation began over 20 years ago and it continues to

be a growing inspiration in her life and work. This has led her to qualify as a teacher


of Mindfulness meditation and other Mindfulness Based approaches to health and

well-being with the Institute for Mindfulness Based Approaches (IMA) in Ireland.

Luminita is grateful for having had opportunities to study and reflect with seasoned

teachers in Ireland and abroad, both from the academic and meditation field and,

learning from life itself, the greatest teacher.