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Carlow Mandala Yoga Studio






About Teachers



Connie m. 0834415635


Connie has been enjoying yoga passionatly for 20 years ..Most recently training under the guidance of Paul Whelan Absolute yoga Naas has deepened ConniesYoga practice greatly.

Connies choice of Yoga practice is Ashtanga and her classes will prepare students for  Vinyassa Ashtanga flow...

Connies yoga class concentrates on breath movement and rest...

Building heat through pranayamic breathing , her practice has a strong cardio flavour and can be acheived safely and with huge physical and mental benefits..

The philosphy of yoga is the cornerstone of her classes ..Finding ease in postures , followed by stability , brings strength and balance to your body mind and spirit..

Berni Murphy m. 087 287 1410


Berni is  a qualified Yoga teacher since in 2014, trained at Yoga Sacred Space in Wicklow. She teaches a gentle yoga practice and relaxation . Berni believes that everyone’s body and mind are different and focuses on that belief to gently bring the yogi to a place inside where they feel safe, relaxed and restored.

Orla Thornton m. 087 667 97 20


Orla has a deep rooted passion for health and physical activity. She has been practicing yoga for several years now.

In 2013, she qualified as a Physical Education teacher. She has completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher training under the guidance of Naomi Sturdy and Sibylle Dallmann through the ‘Art of Teaching’ programme in August 2017.

It is her belief that yoga is a central practice to achieving optimum physical and mental health and vitality and that it plays a fundamental role in maintaining proper functioning of the muscles and joints. She believes in the benefits of yoga to calming the mind and in particular it’s importance for those who struggle to find a space to take time out and individuals who wish to become more aware of their bodies.

Clare o 'Shea m.086 893 85 97


Clare was introduced to Yoga many years ago and has always been interested in the physical and mental benefits of the practice, strengthening muscle tone, increasing flexibility, encouraging body awareness and calming a busy mind. Clare has over 500 hrs of certified teacher training having successfully completed the Samadhi Classical Yoga Training Course under the expert tuition and guidance of Greg Walsh, Nikki Cousins, Rohan Hennessy and Cara Chotiner. She graduated this year from the Advanced Teacher Training in the Elbowroom, Dublin and draws huge inspiration from teachers Susan Church, David Curtis, Sophia Pallaro and yin yoga teacher Josh Summers. Clare teaches a variety of topics including asana, pranayama, yoga for sport and restorative yoga. She is known for her clear and direct teaching style so that the classes are accessible to all levels of practitioners and body types.

Clare is constantly expanding her knowledge by attending various trainings and workshops.


Louise m. 085 1437022


Louise has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years and is a qualified fitness instructor/personal trainer and holistic therapist.  After a long period of ill health and been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition she started to practice Yoga and experience the wonderful benefits a regular yoga practice has to offer.  She then studied with the kilkenny School of Yoga in 2014 and qualifed as a 200hr Yoga Teacher in July 2015. She believes for total wellbeing one must look after the 'mind, body and soul'.  She has a deep passion for helping people reach their goals be it increase their flexibility, reduce their stress levels or just get some quality time out for themselves.  She teaches Hatha/Vinyasa style yoga for beginners to intermediate.

Pam Butler  m. 086 089 11 41


Pam teaches Shadow-style yoga, a school of hatha yoga that integrates principles of yoga, martial arts and dance. It offers a methodical path to a safe and meaningful practice. Rhythm of breath and movement and sequencing of poses is based on the Hatha yoga principles explained in the traditional texts, and guided by the marmasthana system.

Pam started practicing yoga in Hong Kong in 1992 and, enchanted by this incredible art, qualified to teach through the Sivananda Vedanta international hatha yoga teacher training program in 2000.   She continues to train with the Shadow yoga school.

Pam has a true understanding of the human body enabling her to see where adjustments will help, the ability to clearly communicate and a nuanced understanding of yoga.  What makes her truly exceptional is that her teaching flows from a her experience in the power of yoga to promote long-term physical and mental health, injury management and prevention, stress management, and personal development.

Aggie Wachowska m. 085 842 6030

(the owner of Carlow Mandala Yoga Studio)


Aggie’s classes centers around inner balance, rejuvenation and healing. The 12 years of yoga teaching experience helped her  to develop the ability to listen from the intuition and teach from the heart  .  Aggie has been fortunate to have had the mentorship of many amazing teachers like Judith Lasater, Donna Farhi , Biff Mithoefer and Sarah Powers. Her style is focused on 2 principles:  integrity of movement with the mind,  the breath awareness as the key to a mindful Yoga practice. She teaches Yin Yoga, Meditation, Restorative and Hatha Yoga.

 Aggie is certified teacher of Mindfulness in Yoga and continues her education in the field of Mindfulness Yoga with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.  Aggie has been practicing Heartfulness meditation over 14 years which deeply influenced her teaching and understanding of yogic philosophy.


Wednesdays 11.00 am  GENTLE YOGA  

Thursdays 10 am

Introduction to the Balakrama (for those who have completed the Introduction

to Shadow-style yoga or with a minimum of 3 years yoga experience)



GENTLE HATHA YOGA  - Saturdays 9 am  

GENTLE HATHA YOGA - Sundays  10.30 am


Mondays 8pm & Wednesdays 8PM SUNDAY 9 AM


HATHA YOGA - Mondays 6.30 pm, Tuesdays 7pm , Sundays 7pm


FUSION YOGA & Pilates - Tuesdays 10 am  

HATHA YOGA:  Thursdays 6.20 pm

GENTLE YOGA - Thursdays 8pm

Carlow Mandala Yoga  1 Tullow Street Carlow m 085 842 60 30

Tara Phelan  m. 0876981306


Tara started practicing yoga in 2011 and she completed her 200hr Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher training course with Kilkenny School of Yoga in 2019. In 2003 she qualified as a secondary school teacher of SPHE and more recently in Wellbeing. She has also completed courses inMindfulness such as a MBSR and Mental Health Training for Teenagers. She is very interested in the benefits of yoga and meditation for all age groups especially during stressful periods in people’s lives.

Tara is curious to explore the power of the mind/body connection through gentle yoga practice. Her classes centre around focused movement that allows you to be present in your body and move with your breath. These carefully aligned movements help the body’s relaxation response to take place and allow space for the body to recharge.


”It is only by bringing body, breath, and mind into unison that we realise the true quality of an ãsana.” T.K.V Desikachar


GENTLE  YOGA Sundays 12. 15pm


Michelle m.  086 404 77 94


Michelle is a passionate women’s health teacher.  She has trained extensively in Hatha Yoga, and is a also a qualified as Pregnancy Yoga Teacher.  What she found in yoga was much more than a physical workout.  Yoga provided an incredible change in focus along with a calming sense that was so needed in her life.



PREGNANCY YOGA  Saturdays  11 am


Niamh m. 0872767984


Do you remember your first yoga steps? Niamh took her first step into the yoga world in this very studio and describes yoga as her "peace that can weather any storm". She completed her training with Yago School of Yoga after discovering that her work as a Nutritionist could be more powerful with its addition. She found that through yoga, she could get both strong movement and mental stillness in the one practice - something she hadn't experienced through other forms of exercise. Niamh connects with yoga's core principles of nourishing the mind, body and soul. She teaches dynamic classes with a holistic and embracive approach, a deep connection to the mind and a long relaxation at the end of each session. Let her bring you further on, or make you feel safe as you take your first footsteps in your yoga journey.



YiING YANG YOGA Fridays 8pm


Rachel was first introduced to the practice of yoga during a time of great personal grief. Discovering the healing that comes from the practise of asanas she developed a hunger for knowledge on the therapeutic elements of yoga and the wisdom to be found in its ancient philosophy. She has been meditating under the guidance of Sahaj Marg; a form of Raja yoga (yoga for the mind) for almost a decade, and she credits this practice for keeping her healthy and sane.


Heartfulness Yoga is a form of Hatha yoga which integrates body, mind and spirit in the true spirit of Patanjali's eight-fold Ashtanga Yoga path, which offers guidelines for a meaningful and purposeful life. Rachel integrates Heartfulness into her classes by outlining links between the stillness of the body as an aid to quietening the mind, thereby naturally leading it into a meditative state. With less emphasis on the aesthetics of an asana and staying closely connected to the felt sense in the body, this allows for the true magic of yoga to become a personal internal experience, nurturing her strongly held belief that every body is a yoga body!


Awarded a master’s in philosophy from Trinity College Dublin, Rachel’s knowledge in both an academic and contemplative setting lends itself well to finding correlations between the East and the West, aiming to make the teachings of yoga easily accessible and digestible to all. She completed a Yoga Mala in Samadhi Dublin Studio, trained under the guidance of Dr. Veronique Nicolai in the Heartfulness Yoga Institute in Chennai, India and she has completed advanced training in Trauma Sensitive yoga and yoga for stress and anxiety with Ciara Cronin in The Yoga Room.

Fine your calm-beginners Yoga Monday 1.10 pm and 5.10pm

Holistic Flow - Tuesday 1.10 pm

Inner Peace - Heartfulness Yoga Tuesday 5.30 pm and Friday 10.00 am



RACHEL NOLAN M. 085 7111382



                                          TUESDAY 8.30 PM & SATURDAY 12.30 PM


PB OT BM LB CS cb AW tp mp NO rn

Jeremy Delaney m.089 475 0209


Jeremie's goal as a Pilates Instructor is to help you improve your core strength, mobility and also give you the tools to manage day-to-day aches and pain, as well as understand your body better. He have gone through this process having been diagnosed with Classic EDS, Hyper-mobility and Fibromyalgia.


For him, discovering what movements worked took time, but once he

got to know his body better and spent the time to listen to it, he was able to manage the pain and day-to-day wellbeing through Pilates.


He wants to help others do the same and pass on what he have learnt through his own journey. He work with people at all levels of fitness.



Pilates mixed level - 12.30 pm Wednesday