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Carlow Mandala Yoga Studio



Advanced booking required!  Teachers can be contacted on  the mobile numbers listed above.

                            For general queries please call Aggie m. 085 842 60 30


                                                               We look forward to hear form you !

Studio Policy -  Please Read :


Classes are booked and paid for on a course basis, this means it is the individual responsibility to ensure making it to each class, classes missed cannot be carried over next month. Refunds cannot be offered once the course has begun.If for some reason a class is missed within the 4 weeks of a booked session the client may ‘double up’ or do a ‘catch up’ class within the 4 week session they are booked in for.



   -  Please arrive minimum 5 minutes early and stay for the entire class.

   -  Please don’t wear shoes in the yoga room

   -  Turn mobile phones off

   -  Wear comfortable, light breathable clothes that allow you to move freely

   -  All courses are paid in full on the first class of a 4 week session

   -  Try not to eat for  a minimum one hour and a half before the class.  




Here are some guidelines to remember with the intention and focus of everybody's health, safety, and enjoyment...


Yoga is mainly about being in the moment, letting go, and going with what your body can do or cannot do, discomfort is okay NOT pain, NEVER FORCE A POSE. ( of course throughout your practice, it is quite possible you will realize that you are capable of more than you think)


We are JUST YOUR *TOUR GUIDE* you know your body better than anybody else, so do what you need, take care of yourself.


THIS YOUR PRACTICE. Don't be too concerned about doing the poses *properly* OR what everyone else is doing in class, keeping in mind that it is okay to look around for a sense of camaraderie. this is one reason which makes the group practice so intensely beautiful.


The asanas which are poses, are an extremely small part of yoga. The main purpose of their existence is just to give us the optimum space to be in the moment. Since the human brain cannot do two things at once, by doing the asanas in combination with our breathing, we virtually have no choice but to be in the present moment.



Carlow Mandala Yoga Teachers












All classes in the Yoga studio are mixed level unless is stated otherwise.

Mixed level class is diverse and provides greater opportunity for innovation and creativity.

Our experienced instructors provide assists & adjusts to support you in your yoga practice.



All yoga classes

4 weeks Yoga course 1 class per week 45 €/ UNWAGED 40 €

4 weeks Yoga course 2 classes per week  80 €

Drop in class €15 /unwaged 10€


Yoga with Connie :

95€ - 6 weeks unlimited Yoga classes

Drop in class €15

Prices for Saturdays

15€ drop in

50€ for 4 weeks


Pregnancy Yoga with Michelle

6 weeks course €80


Special offer morning class with Tara phelan

Friday 10 . 30 am 4 weeks 30€




Carlow Mandala Yoga  1 Tullow Street Carlow m 085 842 60 30

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Mindfulness Yoga Course Every Thursday 3pm - 5 pm . For more info please clink here

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